About Us

1st Amendment Tattoo | About Us

1st Amendment Tattoo was initiated by Mike Ferguson in 2001. A tattoo shop whose aim was to bring talented tattoo artists from around the country to an artist shop to deliver unique yet professional tattoo services. Our talent, custom tattoos, and artist vibe soon attracted many customers, making us the go-to artist shop for many!

Our History

1st Amendment Tattoo began with a shop in Temecula, CA, but expanded to four additional shops later. Our Simi Valley branch was set up in 2005 and is renowned as the second oldest tattoo shop in the area. The shop has seen many customers, not to mention guest artists from all over the world including Russia, Spain, Holland, and France. Over the years, 1st Amendment Tattoo has been featured in hundreds of magazines for our art and Mike Ferguson alone has more than 40 awards to his name for his tattooing skills.

Our Service

To put simply, we love to tattoo! We love the concept of taking your ideas and imagination and transforming it into body art and we love every customer that walks through our door. We can offer consultations if you’re new to tattooing, or even inspiration and ideas if you’re drawing a blank. We can also help answer any questions you may have.

Our service is extensive and we spend a great deal of time with every client to ensure spectacular end results. Any tattoo design or inspiration you may have, we can effectively recreate it on your body. You can use our aftercare information that will help you take care of your new tattoo. Your experience with 1st Amendment Tattoo will be painful, but we’ll try to make you as comfortable as possible.

Inside 1st Amendment Tattoo Shop

Inside our shop, you will find a comfortable ambiance where we hope you fit right in! You can expect us to be top-notch and relaxed whilst delivering completely professional services.

We’d love to do your tattoo any way you want it! Got any questions? Contact us today!